Captain Eric is honest thus he gets a full throated five star review. Here is why. We contacted Eric about a night fishing trip about a month before the date in June. Four days before our trip a tropical storm hit. Eric promptly called and let us know that the night fish wouldn’t be the best idea as thunderstorms were still drilling the area. We said ok and he moved us to a Friday morning fishing trip. Now here’s the HONESTY. I’m flying down to Florida. Captain Eric pre-fished all the spots we were going to go on the Friday morning trip. Not a single bite. He spent six hours checking the holes for us. Landed to a message from Eric. And his recommendation? Cancel the charter, save your money, don’t fish. We did everything we could to convince him to fish. Save your money. Friday morning? Thunderstorms, thunderstorms, and more thunderstorms. Hotel had a fishing pond. Even those fish weren’t biting. That’s honesty. He could have easily given us a $400 boat ride; what would we have known? He didn’t. If the man fishes they way he conducts himself; well, you’re in for a darn good fishing trip. Honesty matters and I appreciate the work that Captain Eric put in to tell us not to fish. Tells me the man can really catch them when they are running.

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